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Solicitor takes 19 years to administer an estate. PDF Print E-mail

A Solicitor in Beccles, Suffolk, UK, stalled, delayed, dragged his feet, and took 19 years to settle an estate. He took so long that two executors of the estate died before he got around to administering the estate. His punishment: The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal suspended him for 3 years. The story can be found in the Law Society's Gazette by clicking on this link.

Sprake and Kingsley PDF Print E-mail

This law firm has been reprimanded by the Legal Complaints Service (LCS). The client that brought the complaint has published a website that describes the details of the complaint. Click this link for more information: http://www.sprakeandkingsley.co.uk/

Customer Satisfaction Survey PDF Print E-mail

Have you done business with Norton Peskett Solicitors? I would like to know your experiences, good or bad. Please take the survey by clicking on this link, or scanning the QR code with your smartphone.  Customer Satisfaction Survey

Norton Peskett Solicitors PDF Print E-mail

A dangerous predatory law firm that has destroyed the life of at least one client. Click on this link for details:

Norton Peskett Solicitors


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