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Written by Sally West   


Blue LIES matter: In light of the propensity of police, and the organizations that pretend to investigate them, to lie to protect themselves, we need the right to record at all times. Getting the video live streamed to a remote server is critical; there have been so many incidents of police confiscating evidence and destroying it. Facebook is a good solution, but the ability to start the recording with a mere shake of the phone and to record stealthily is important. Apps such as https://www.aclu-nj.org/news/2015/11/13/aclu-nj-launches-mobile-justice-smartphone-app are a good start, but the video needs to get out to a wide audience quickly as it did in the Philando Castile case using Facebook. We also need honest investigation. The Professional Standards Departments of UK police forces are worse than useless, they view their purpose as frustrating valid complaints. Society needs to demonize Police Lying, and punish it severely. Politicians such as the Police and Crime Commissioners in the UK should be removed from office quickly when they refuse to control their police forces or hold their Professional Standards Departments to account.


In the UK there are already laws on the books that criminalize Police Lying. For example there is perversion of justice, which carries a potential life sentence. But CPS will never act against police officers. They feed from the same trough. They will never turn on their own breed. Worse yet CPS have the power to take over any criminal case brought by the public and shut it down, or simply let it languish forever. I believe that the law should be changed so that if CPS takes over a criminal case brought by a member of the public they should only be allowed 90 days to pursue it. If they fail to make enthusiastic progress in 90 days then the case should be handed back to whoever initiated it. The public should be able to effectively prosecute the police.

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